Modeling and Optimizing Multi-Faceted Strategies for HPV Control: Insights from a Nonlinear Mathematical Approach

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Gusti Rusmayadi
Aryo De Wibowo Muhammad Sidik
Harurikson Lumbantobing
Bayu Indrawan
Yufriana Imamulhak


This study presents a nonlinear deterministic mathematical model of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) dynamics, emphasizing qualitative analysis through the stability theory of differential equations. Our investigation focuses on validating the existence and stability of disease-free and endemic equilibrium points using the basic reproduction number governing HPV transmission. Notably, the model exhibits a backward bifurcation, prompting a sensitivity analysis. We address the challenge of HPV control by formulating an optimal control problem, applying the Pontryagin maximum principle with three distinct strategies: prevention, treatment, and screening. Numerical simulations reveal that a combined approach involving prevention, screening, and treatment emerges as the most effective strategy for eradicating HPV within the community. In conclusion, this study offers a comprehensive mathematical model for HPV dynamics and underscores the importance of multi-faceted intervention strategies. Our findings have significant implications for public health initiatives aiming to combat HPV infections and reduce their impact on communities.

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G. Rusmayadi, A. D. W. Muhammad Sidik, H. Lumbantobing, B. Indrawan, E. Edwinanto, and Y. Imamulhak, “Modeling and Optimizing Multi-Faceted Strategies for HPV Control: Insights from a Nonlinear Mathematical Approach”, Fidelity, vol. 5, no. 3, pp. 239-253, Sep. 2023.
Received 2023-07-20
Accepted 2023-09-15
Published 2023-09-30


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