Analysis of Aquaponics Solar Panel Innovation in Building C of Pembangunan Panca Budi University

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Muhammad Erpandi Dalimunthe
Dicky Lesmana


Continued population growth and increasing food needs require more innovation in the agricultural sector to increase crop productivity sustainably. An interesting approach to this challenge is solar panel-based aquaponics systems. Solar panels are integrated as an energy source to drive water pumps, and other system components in aquaponics. Research was conducted on the production of electricity generated by solar panels in aquaponics in Building C of Pembangunan Panca Budi University. Data analysis was carried out to evaluate and provide innovations regarding the efficiency and reliability of solar panels in the environmental conditions of Pembangunan Panca Budi University.

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Andreansyah, M. E. Dalimunthe, and D. Lesmana, “Analysis of Aquaponics Solar Panel Innovation in Building C of Pembangunan Panca Budi University”, Fidelity, vol. 6, no. 1, pp. 60-63, Jan. 2024.
Received 2023-11-22
Accepted 2023-12-26
Published 2024-01-31


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