Design and Simulation of a Cascade Boost DC-DC Converter as a Single-Phase Inverter Power Supply

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Sofyan Muhammad Ilman
Febi Ariefka Septian Putra
Muhammad Sukri Habibi Daulay


Currently, the need for new renewable energy is getting higher, so the development of equipment in supporting this is increasingly rapid. designing an inverter that has a high output voltage can be done in several ways, namely by developing from the basic topology of the inverter or developing an inverter input side voltage boost DC-DC converter that has a high gain ratio capability or by using a step up transformer as an AC voltage booster, but it is inefficient considering that the step up transformer has a heavy weight, and reduces space. In this research the researchers designed a cascade boost converter as a single-phase inverter power supply. The cascade boost converter is used as a DC voltage increase where the DC high voltage is entered into a single phase inverter as a DC power supply and the inverter converts from DC-AC. Without using a step up transformer as an AC voltage booster. The inverter is combined with an LC filter as a wave filter to make it close to a sinusoidal wave. The simulation results show that the whole system is able to output a voltage of 220VAC RMS with a frequency of 50Hz.

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S. M. Ilman, F. A. S. Putra, and M. S. H. Daulay, “Design and Simulation of a Cascade Boost DC-DC Converter as a Single-Phase Inverter Power Supply ”, Fidelity, vol. 6, no. 1, pp. 42-52, Jan. 2024.
Received 2023-11-27
Accepted 2024-01-05
Published 2024-01-31


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