Mapping the Research Landscape: A Bibliometric Study of Fuel Cell Technologies and Microgrid Systems

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Handrea Bernando Tambunan


The potency of renewable energy sources in power systems, particularly for rural areas, represents a transformative force that addresses energy challenges and brings about sustainable development. Fuel cells offer a transformative role in providing electricity to rural areas, addressing a reliable and off-grid power solution. This study aims to map the research landscape through the bibliometric study of fuel cell technologies and microgrid systems. The analysis includes author analysis, affiliation analysis, country or territory analysis, source analysis, keyword analysis, trend topic analysis, and thematic map analysis. Bibliometric analysis aids policymakers, industry professionals, and academics navigate the wealth of information, ensuring that fuel cell and microgrid integration efforts align with current research trajectories and contribute meaningfully to improving clean and resilient energy solutions. The results would be a valuable compass, guiding stakeholders through the expansive and dynamic landscape of fuel cell and microgrid research, facilitating evidence-based decision-making, and fostering a deeper understanding of the field’s trajectory.

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H. B. Tambunan, “Mapping the Research Landscape: A Bibliometric Study of Fuel Cell Technologies and Microgrid Systems”, Fidelity, vol. 5, no. 3, pp. 223-238, Sep. 2023.
Received 2023-07-19
Accepted 2023-09-08
Published 2023-09-30


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