Controller Monitoring Automation System Soil pH and Moisture Orange Seeds Based on Wireless Sensor Network

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Septriandi Wirayoga
Moh. Abdullah Anshori
Tabita Maudina
Mochammad Junus
Abdul Rasyid


The water requirement in each land can be different depending on the area and the conditions of the land which is classified into dry, semi–dry, and moist or wet. Where this condition affects the water needed for irrigation. A good soil for planting oranges is loose soil and has a high organic content. The thing that needs to be considered in growing oranges is the land and varieties to be planted. In this result, a system was made that was able to automatically regulate waters for orange seedlings based on soil toughness and the specified time. At the end of the irrigation section, the orange grove is also given a node that regulates the discharge of water in case of inundation or excess water in the surrounding garden land. To run this system will use 3 nodes, for details 1 node in the irrigation section, 1 node in the land monitoring and soil quality section where there are 2 kinds of sensors, namely soil moisture and the Ground pH sensor, as well as 1 node in the server section. The average pH value for 32 observations was 7,115 or above 7, which is the good standard of growth for plants.

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S. Wirayoga, M. A. Anshori, T. Maudina, M. Junus, and A. Rasyid, “Controller Monitoring Automation System Soil pH and Moisture Orange Seeds Based on Wireless Sensor Network”, Fidelity, vol. 5, no. 3, pp. 156-167, Sep. 2023.
Received 2023-06-26
Accepted 2023-08-20
Published 2023-09-30


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